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LG OLED becomes
a digital canvas for artists.

LG believes artists can express their imagination and create a new kind of digital art that were never before available.

What's on


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    Goodbye New York, See at Frieze Seoul

    From the Big Apple to the heart of Seoul, our journey continues. See you at Frieze Seoul 

    Frieze Seoul takes place
    from Wednesday, September 4 to Saturday, September 7, 2024

    #Frieze #FriezeSeoul #FriezeSeoul2024 #LGOLED #LGOLEDART #WeInspireArt

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    Digital Tour Whanki X LG OLED at Frieze New York

    Join us for a mesmerizing personal tour of the LG OLED Lounge at Frieze New York 2024, and witness Kim Whanki's iconic 'all-over dot' masterpieces come alive in stunning digital form on LG OLEDs.

    Titled "We Meet Again in New York," we celebrate the Korean abstract art pioneer as we pay homage to his legacy, preserving his original intentions while offering a breathtaking digital experience through the digitally expressed artwork on LG OLEDs.

    #KimWhanki #Whanki #WhankiinNewYork #KCCNY #LGOLED #LGOLEDART #WeInspireArt

    Original art credit: ©Whanki Foundation·Whanki Museum

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    "Whanki in New York" Expert Takes

    American sculptor and Pratt Institute professor emeritus John Pai recalls artist Kim Whanki as being different from the masters of the time. He also shares the story behind one of the artworks on show at the Korean Cultural Center New York (@kccny).

    "Whanki in New York" is an expanded version of our Whanki exhibition at Frieze New York. If you missed the chance to visit the LG OLED Lounge at Frieze New York, this is a great opportunity to see the works and more in person.

    "Whanki in New York" is on display at KCCNY from May 2 through June 13, 2024.

    Gallery hours
    Tuesday to Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM
    Saturday: 11 AM to 5 PM
    Please note that the gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday.

    Find out more at

    #KimWhanki #Whanki #WhankiinNewYork #KCCNY #LGOLED #LGOLEDART #WeInspireArt

    Original art credit: ©Whanki Foundation·Whanki Museum

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    Boundless Reverie: Chinese Savoir-Faire and Contemporary Art brings our artist Vincent Cazeneuve’s installation work “Untitled” (2023).

    Vincent’s work shows his long-term study on the history and craftsmanship of Chinese lacquer, as well as the inspiration he has from daily life and time-specific objects. The installation work “Untitled” (2023) consists of 52 lacquer pieces with base of old rice sacks, which can be freely assembled in proportioned matrices. Abstract symbols and patterns are painted on the polished lacquer surface of each piece with gilt-decorating technique in the colours of gold, bronze and tin. The work shows rhythmic layers and beauty.



    Now until 19 May 2024
    12 – 8 pm
    6F, Kunsthalle, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA
    @k11musea @k11craftandguild

    Supported by
    Official 5G Partner: @supremevip.hk
    Exclusive Digital Screen Partner: @lghongkong

    Insurance Partner: @ftlifehk
    Tourism Partner: China Hotel, a subsidiary of Lingnan Group

    #K11ArtFoundation #K11CraftandGuild #K11MUSEA #K11ARTKARNIVAL #BoundlessReverie #ContemporaryArt #ChineseCraftsmanship #GiltDecoratedLacquer #GiltDecoration #exhibition #art #culture #antiques #chineseculture #漆地描金 #描金工藝 #藝術 #展覽 #中國文化 #dumonteil #vincentcazeneuve

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    British Pavilion Venice Biennale 2024: Sir John Akromfrah's "Listening All Night To The Rain" Review

    Just two hours away by plane from London (give or take a little) puts you into the heart of Venice: from the 17-19th April 2024 the who's who of the art world, art buyers, media, gallerist, artists, celebrities and more took over the water taxis routes and the streets of Venice. Long queues formed outside galleries, and the crowd for the British Pavilion Press Opening of Listening All Night To The Rain at the La Biennale di Venezia was big and proud.Listening All Night To The Rain continues artist and filmmaker Akomfrah’s investigation into themes of memory, migration, racial injustice and climate change with a renewed focus on the act of listening and the sonic. On the title he says. "I have stolen it from the 11th century Chinese poet Su Dongpo". It is a fitting title for those well versed on Dongpo would know how the multi-talented artist was often at odds with a political faction headed by Prime Minister Wang Anshi of the time.


    More arts and culture news: www.alt-africa.com. More about #venicebiennale go to #ART section #altareview #artsculture #sculpture #artbuyer #artnews #artmag

    #johnakomfrah #listeningalnighttotherain

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    That’s a wrap on 2024’s YCC Party!

    Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and look forward to welcoming you to the YCC Party in 2025!

    Special thanks to:
    ✨ Artist Collaborator Rachel Rossin (@rachelrossin) for activating our iconic rotunda.

    ✨ Our 2024 LG Guggenheim Award Recipient Shu Lea Cheang.

    ✨ The Muses for providing the beats (@themusesnyc).

    ✨ Our 2024 YCC Co-Chairs, Party Co-Chairs, and Host Committee.

    #YCCPartyxLGDisplay #LGxGuggenheim
    ? : [1-4] © Scott Rudd; [5-7] Photos by Bre Johnson & Miguel McSongwe/BFA.com © BFA

    The 2024 Young Collectors Council Party is presented by LG Display (@oled_space). The YCC 2024 Artist Collaboration with Rachel Rossin is supported by LG OLED (@lg_oledart). The LG Guggenheim Art and Technology Initiative is made possible by LG.